15th Annual
Fayetteville Film Fest

Oct. 12-14, 2023

A Platform for Cinematic Storytelling

Fayetteville Film Fest is a non-profit organization located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Our aim is to promote independent filmmaking, nurture diverse voices, and foster a vibrant creative film community in the Northwest Arkansas region.

Independent Films

Explore a diverse selection of captivating independent films from various genres and styles.

Interactive Panels

Learn and discuss filmmaking topics with industry experts and professionals.


Connect with fellow filmmakers, enthusiasts, and industry insiders at our events.

Pitch Prize Competition

Pitch your idea to a panel of jurors and win a cash prize to produce your film.


Official Selections for 2023

Narrative Features
  • Ghost of the Void (AR)
  • Maybelline Prince (CA)
  • American Parent (CA)
  • Scrap (Chicago)
  • Faceless After Dark (CA)
  • Uneven Ground (AR)
  • The Story of Mr. Glass (AR)
  • Dirt (AR)
  • Moment of Peace (AR)
  • Angle of Attack (AR)
  • All Units (AR)
  • The Countryman (NM)
  • Baking (AR)
  • Green Eyes (MO)
  • Radio telescope (CA)
  • Rainfall the Band (NY)
  • Madness Within (AR)
  • Antifreeze (Iran)
  • Joan and the Rolling Stone (NY)
  • Pretty Canoe (AR)
  • Scam (CA)
  • The Measure of a Man (AR)
  • Step 9 (KS)
  • Taste of Neon (NY)
  • New West (AR)
  • Scam (CA)
  • The Measure of a Man (AR)
  • Step 9 (KS)
  • Taste of Neon (NY)
  • Filled with Hope (AR)
  • The Hill We Climb (Benton, AR)
  • Racer’s Nature: Trial by Fire (AR)
  • Libertad (AR)
  • Road to Milan (AR)
  • Caddisfly (WA)
  • The Arkansas Accent project (AR)
  • A safe place to sleep (AR)
  • Different, Not Less (AR)
  • Thank you, Neck (LO)
  • Morning Room (CA)
  • Magpie (MO)
  • Dre Day (FS)
  • The Love Hack (TX)
  • La Telarana (OK)
  • *I Can’t Do this anymore (AR)
  • A Song of the Bluff (AR)
  • Bruno (CA)
  • BANG! (UA)
  • *JOE (CA)
  • Bench Seat
  • Where You Want Me
  • Hangman
  • Adrian Sutherland
  • Prison Romance
  • Kids From West Fork
  • Minor Setback

2022 Fayetteville Film Fest Award Winners

We were honored to recognize the incredible achievements of the award-winning filmmakers at last year’s festival. Their unique stories, bold visual styles, and dedication to their craft made them stand out in our vibrant community of independent cinema. Congratulations to all the winners!

Hard Shell/Soft Shell

We Burn Like This

American Murderer

Freedom’s Path

Our Supportive Sponsors

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